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NJP-3805H MODEL/Full Automatic Hard Capsule Filling Machine



Good Quality/High Speed/High Efficiency


HMI for model H

Note: Model H has the following characteristics

Control system be provide with OPC Server.

Control system be realized with FDA CFR211 e-signaturee-recording.

Control system be provide with Industrial Ethernet Interfacebe connected with OPC Client.

High-capacity HD can be record message, meet CGMP andFDA.

Developed based on the Italian ESA system

Eficient I Intelligent I Energy Saving I Environmental Protection

Product Description

NJP- -3805 Fully Automatic Hard Capsule Flling Machine is suitable for mass production.

1. The flling and rotating parts of the equipment are fully enclosed and easy to clean.

2. The upper and lower modules move in one direction, and imported double-lip polyurethane sealing rings have good

sealing performance.

3. Module cleaning uses positive pressure blowing and negative pressure suction to increase the capsule loading rate.

4.' The finished product discharging station is equipped with a rubber pad with capsule-stuck rings to prevent dusty.

5. Sealed design of capsule delivery mechanism.

6. Optimize the structure to facilitate and quickly complete mold replacement.

7. Optimize the control circuit to make the machine operate more smoothly.

Technical Parameters


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