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The medicinal powder collector is a device for directly recovering the lost material in the filling by using a separate pipe opened for it by the vacuum cleaner. It is a self-developed   product developed by our company and is the first NJP series A / produced by our company. The auxiliary equipment of B / C / D automatic hard capsule filling machine is widely used. The installation of the collector does not have any impact on the vacuuming and cleaning work of the vacuum cleaner (such as cleaning the mold holes, the residual capsules that have not been separated from the absorption cap body and the cleaning work in progress), and the materials recovered in the medicine powder collection box No further sterilization and disinfection is needed, and it can be directly added to the hopper for filling, which improves the utilization rate of the medicinal powder and reduces the production cost. Especially for products with high added value, the economic benefits are more significant. So it is very welcomed by customers and gives high evaluation. The hard joint of the pipeline is made of 304 high quality stainless steel, and the hose is made of PE pipe, which meets the requirements of GMP specifications.

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