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RG2-200、250、300B/C MODEL

Model RG2-200C
Power Supply 380V;50Hz
Noise ≤75dBA
Weight 1000kg
Dimensions 1990X1040X2100mm

Main Features:

1.Adopts big size touch screen, with fault diagnostic function, can store various kinds of operating parameters, reserve network interface.

2.The mould adopts the aviation aluminum alloy, long service life. Optimize design, more mould holes, low net-gelatin rate.

3.Mould pressing adopt pneumatic way, fast and stable.

4.The gelatin sheet drum wheel, gelatin sheet oil system and mould adopt parallel design, high stability. Mould shaft, gelatin drum wheel and pulling shaft adopt independent variable frequency drive motor, easy to adjust,low noise, and smooth operation.

5.The gelatin sheet adopt micro lubrication, and really no clean, improve efficiency, to save money.

6.The gelatin sheet cooling adopt independent professional cold water machine, low energy consumption, high refrigeration efficiency.

7.Spray body lift easily, can stay in any position, reduce labor intensity.

8.Discharge soft capsule by net-hopper, and form in advance by cold wind,make soft capsule molding more beautiful and conveying more reasonable.

9.Material hopper can not only adjust temperature, and mixing with speed adiustng, the more suitable for taditinal Chinese medicine suspension liquid.

10.Equpen designed with ergonomi, aprprite human nature, easy operation and reasonable.

Technical Parameters

Roller die rated speed0~7r/min0~5r/min0~5r/min
Roller die sizeφ103×200mmφ150×250mmφ150×300mm
Single piston feeding volume0~2ml0~2ml0~2ml
Power supply380V 50Hz380V 50Hz380V 50Hz
Net weight1000kg1800kg1900kg
Total power4.75kw7.55kw8.15kw

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