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Model NJP-7500C/E
Filling Dosage Form Powder or Pellets
Capsule Size Capsule size 00"-5" and safety capsules A-E
Max.Output 450000Capsules / Hour
Power Supply AC 380V;50Hz
Noise ≤80dBA
Weight 3500kg
Dimensions 1740X 1490X 2150mm
Product Overview:

NJP-7500 series is   the   single-machine high-yield automatic capsule filling machine.

1.Total enclosure turning table for easy cleaning.

2.Single movement for both upper and lower segments with two-lip seal provide

a much better sealing performance.

3.A combined air blowing & suction function on segment cleaning station ensures

cleaning efficiency on high speed.

4.Dust-preventing rubber block on capsule discharge station.

Technical Parameters:

Filling dosage formPowder or Pellets
Capsule sizeCapsule size 00"-5" and safety capsules A-E
Max.Output450000Capsules / Hour
Number of Holes54 hole
Motor Power8.55kw
Power supplyAC 380V;50Hz
Vacuum Degree-0.02~-0.06 MPa
Compressed Air(clean segment)Air consumption: 12m3/h

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