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HJ-50B MODEL Gelatin Melting Tank

Model HJ-50B
Volume 50L
Power Supply 380V;50Hz 0.55kw
Weight 200kg
Dimensions φ800×550×1590mm

Gelatin Melting Tank

Without flange cinnection,easy to clean,holistic heat preservation and economy in sources,three feet support,out put by air pressure for reducing the height of workshop.

Main Technical Parameters

Efficiency volume50L800L1000L
Jacket layer hot water volume30L235L262L
Motor power380V 50Hz 0.55kw380V 50Hz 3kw380V 50Hz 5.5kw
Heating power220V 1.93kw200V 12kw200V 12kw
Net weight200kg1300kg1450kg
Total power2.48kw15w17.5kw

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