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NJP-420、700、820B/C/E MODEL

Model NJP-420B
Filling Dosage Form Powder 、Pellets
Capsule Size Capsule size 00"-5" and safety capsules A-E
Max.Output 25200Capsules / Hour
Power Supply 380V;50Hz 1.87kw
Noise ≤75dBA
Weight 800kg
Dimensions 810X945X1930mm

Product Overview:

This model is an itermittent motion and hole plate type full automatic capsule filling equipment. It adopts optimization design for meeting the characteristics of Chinese medicine and the requirement of GMP ,it has the characteristics of compact mechanism,small volume,lower noise ,precision flling dosage,multi-function,stable running etc.It can finish the following motion at the same time;capsule feeding,capsule separating,powder flling,capsule rejecting,capsule locking,finished capsule discharge and die hole cleaning etc.It is the ideal hard capsule fillig equipment for pharmaceutical and health food industry.

Technical Parameters:


NJP -420B/C/ENJP-700B/C/ENJP -820BIC/E
Flling Dosage FormPowder、Pellets、 Tablet
Capsule SizeCapsule size 00”-5”and safety capsule A-E
Max. Output25200Capsules/Hour42000Capsules/Hour49200Capsules/Hour
Power Supply380V;50Hz 1 .87kw
Vacuum Degree-0.02~-0.06 MPa
Compressed Airclean segment)

Air consumption:3m³/h Pressure; 0.3~0 4MPa

Number of Holes356
Dimensions810x945X 1930mm810X945X 1930mm810X 945X 1930mm

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