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Model WSP-I
Max.Output 300000Capsules / Hour
Power Supply 380V 50Hz 180w
Weight 40kg
Dimensions 950X 600X 1000mm

Technical Parameters

WSP series horizontal capsule screening polishing machine was designed and developed by our company based on the original polishing machine and according to feedback from domestic and foreign users. Compared with the traditional style capsule polishing machine on the market, this machine has obvious functional advantages and structural advantages. Its main features are as follows:

     1. Small size, beautiful appearance, adjustable machine height and tilt angle, can be used in conjunction with any type of capsule filling machine, realizing real-time production and real-time polishing, improving polishing quality and production efficiency;

     2. When working, the machine can automatically sort out capsules with slight loading, separation of empty shells, debris and body caps, and the sorting process meets GMP specifications;

     3. The stainless steel material that meets GMP requirements is used in the pharmaceutical polishing room. Quick assembly parts are used for the whole machine assembly, which makes the disassembly and assembly of the machine more convenient and the cleaning more thorough.

     4. The main shaft is equipped with a cartridge roller brush and a detachable bearing. The brush and bearing can be removed during cleaning, and the bristles do not fall off. The brushes of different specifications can be replaced to meet the polishing of different drugs;

     5. The machine adopts variable frequency speed regulation to make the machine run more smoothly and the operation is convenient and reliable;

     6. The machine is equipped with human-machine safety protection device. The motor speed is controlled by the inverter. The machine can run continuously and can withstand a large starting torque.

Max. Output

Capsules / Hour


Capsules / Hour

Motor Power
380V   50HZ     180W
950×600×1000 (mm)
Net Weight
Compressed Air
15m3/h    0.3Mpa
30m3/h    0.3Mpa
Vacuum cleaning
108m3/h   -0.014Mpa

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