Machine performance of automatic filling machine

2020-03-12 00:00

Machine performance of automatic filling machine

   Machine performance

1. Manual test operation interface and normal operation monitoring operation interface can be set.

 2. The function of automatic detection, diagnosis and automatic alarm shutdown of lack of materials, empty capsules, material channel blockage and mechanical failure.

3. Statistics of real-time pellet meter output and cumulative output.

The automatic filling machine is an intermittent operation porous plug metering fully automatic closed filling equipment, which can automatically complete a variety of processes such as sowing capsules, separating capsules, filling, rejecting capsules, locking capsules, exporting finished products, particle filling, etc Reliable positioning, accurate loading, high yield and other advantages. It is suitable for the automatic filling of powdered and pellet-shaped capsule medicines. It has passed the provincial technical appraisal and complies with GMP standards.

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