Analysis of the working principle of soft capsule filling machine

2020-01-10 11:49

The working principle and operation method of the soft capsule filling machine: The soft capsule filling machine is added with pure water, solid granules, medical bone gelatin, additives, vitamins, glycerin, etc. at a certain ratio through the pre-processing comprehensive ingredients, and stirred at a low temperature of 70 to 80 ° C The glue is evacuated after a period of time. After the bubbles and a certain amount of water in the glue are pumped out, the glue is placed in a gelatin bucket and left to stand. The glue for a period of time is heated by the soft capsule filling machine. The gelatin box is then placed in a mainframe roll mold and cooled to a solid state. The solid rubber is then passed through the left and right molds of the machine head, and the medicine is injected into the rubber by the spray body, and then the heat is squeezed and sealed. The finished pills are sent to the drying system via the conveyor for low-temperature drying.

But it has shortcomings, mainly reflected in its drying system:

From the perspective of the structure of the equipment, the soft capsule filling machine drying system is designed according to the manual rotary ordinary drying equipment. The method used is manual drying. Under normal circumstances, this method is difficult to achieve the initial shape of the soft capsule. Claim. Because the speed of the dryer during operation is difficult to adjust, and it can't be turned over regularly, it often occurs that the initial speed is too fast and the starting impact force is too large, causing an impact on the soft rubber pellets, increasing the crushing rate to 25% Left and right, resulting in poor shape setting effect.

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