New technology for capsule machines

2020-01-10 11:48

The full-automatic capsule filling machine can drop hard capsules, soft capsules and tablets evenly on the stainless steel conveying roller through the feeder, and the medicine is turned on the conveying roller, meanwhile it moves forward with the conveying roller and is eliminated by static electricity for manual After inspection, the pneumatic principle is used to suck out unqualified products, and the medicine does not reach the human at all. The fully automatic capsule filling machine achieves the purpose of non-polluting sorting of medicines and the elimination of static electricity. The inspection has no dead corner blindness. It is a hard capsule soft capsule and Ideal device for tablet visual inspection.

Its characteristics:

1. Made of stainless steel to reduce operator's contact with medicines

2. The medicine is turned over, and the stepless speed regulation of the transmission is convenient for manual inspection;

3, with static elimination function, effectively prevent and reduce the static electricity of drugs.

4: Simple and convenient operation, greatly reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency.

Features and innovations of automatic capsule filling machine series

Compared with the existing filling machines, innovations are related to the current disadvantages of similar domestic models. It has the following characteristics and innovations:

It adopts a fully-enclosed design, and all parts in contact with the medicinal powder and capsules are made of 304 high-quality stainless steel, and it solves the problems of disassembly and washing, cumbersome assembly molds, and difficult to adjust the accuracy of assembly molds.

It adopts a lower cam design and is equipped with a pressure atomizing oil pump to fully maintain the lubrication in the cam groove, reduce wear and prolong the service life of parts.

The design of an oversized measuring pan improves the uniform powder flow in the measuring pan, and the filling is full and accurate.

The enlarged cam indexing mechanism is selected to make the mold turntable and the whole machine operate in a balanced manner, which fully guarantees the stability of the mechanical transmission and the accuracy of filling.

The vacuum positioning mechanism of the capsule is adopted, so that the probability of the capsule getting on is more than 99%.

Capsule polishing machine uses

The capsule polishing machine is a brush-type polishing machine, which is a closed conveying structure. The parts in contact with the body are made of non-toxic and corrosion-resistant materials, which meet the requirements of GMP regulations. It has the advantages of simple structure, not easy to damage, long service life, convenient operation and maintenance, good polishing performance, and high efficiency. It is a pharmaceutical special equipment that can polish and clean the medicine powder attached to capsules and tablets. The polished capsules are brighter. Clean and beautiful.

It is used to quickly remove the powder on the surface of capsules and tablets to make them clean, thereby improving the surface finish and ensuring the hygienic standard of the drug.

It is mainly used to clean the dust attached to the capsule. Guarantee to the hygienic standard of the medicine. This machine uses a DC speed regulating motor, which can achieve stepless smooth speed regulation. It has the characteristics of light weight, easy operation, reliable work, high life rate, high gloss and cleanliness. It is a necessary equipment in the Life Capsule Pill Medicine Factory. Main technical parameters: Production efficiency: grain / r300 Motor power: 185W.D.C220V Dimensions: 131 × 40.5 × 120cm Whole machine net weight: 45kg auxiliary equipment

It has the characteristics of novel mechanism, beautiful appearance, light weight, simple operation, flexible movement, easy cleaning, high polishing efficiency and good cleanliness. All parts in contact with drugs are made of stainless steel, and the sanitary conditions of the equipment comply with GMP standards.

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