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Our company promises: use our company's full-automatic hard capsule filling machine, quality three guarantees one year, one year paid service after one year; if the user finds abnormal conditions of the equipment during normal use, under the guidance of our after-sales service department telephone If it cannot be resolved, our company's technicians will arrive at the buyer's work site within 24 to 48 hours (except for force majeure) to troubleshoot the fault; during the warranty period, in addition to the accidental damage to the equipment caused by the user's illegal operation, negotiate the factory cost of replacement parts according to the specific circumstances All services are timely and free of charge, including replenishment of some consumable parts and spare parts. Meet the equipment can continue normal production in 24 hours.

During the warranty period, the date when the test is accepted is qualified. Our technicians will conduct quality return visits to our products. The content of the return visits: whether the machine is working normally, the capsules ’probability profile, the electrical control is normal, and the loading difference Stable, wearing parts <spare parts> Replace the remaining situation, check the oil level of the index box, check the fatigue of the seals and filling springs.

Our company has a full-time after-sales service department. There are 15 full-time technical staff, including 4 engineers, 3 assistant engineers, and 7 technicians. They are responsible for the debugging and after-sales service of our products.

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